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Welcome to the redesigned site for Joatmon Creations!  Scroll around to see what is in stock, but also take a look at some of the new features.  Join the Kindness Challenge, find me on Goodreads, or check out my updated blog, Creativity and the Cluttered Mind.  I would love this site to be interactive, with content updated regularly so you can come back and visit often. 


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"Ordered most of my Christmas gifts from Joatmon Creations - gifts for 15 people. Everyone loved their personalized gifts. I was beyond thrilled with the service Shannon provided. She emailed me "drafts" and recommended colors for different items. Make sure you use Joatmon Creations for your next gift-giving holiday."


"PERFECT Christmas cookie baking aprons for my mother, daughter, & myself that helped me top off a gift of a homemade cookie recipe book to them. Then we baked while wearing them!"


What have you been watching?

I find myself binge watching old shows that I never caught during their first run, but it has also been great to find some new original programming on Netflix and Prime.  Just recently signed up for Hulu as well, but so far have not watched anything.  Please suggest what my next series should be!

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Read Along!


Several years ago I began the Reading Challenge hosted by Goodreads and sometimes I surprised myself with how many books I had read by December.  Some years I didn't do as well...especially last year.  I am hoping that 2021 allows me a little extra time to settle down with a good book, especially at bedtime.  

Currently I am reading two career related books for groups I am involved in at work.  I expect to be joining a third book club at the office soon, so I am excited to start their selection, The Savvy Ally.

For leisure books, I do enjoy a good suspense thriller.  I also like books set in quaint towns, almost like a Hallmark movie on paper, but I tend to get tired of reading too many romance novels in a row.  Occasionally I will grab a celebrity biography that catches my eye.  Please send along any suggestions you have for books to add to my shelves.  

Keep checking back.....soon to be added:

  1. Favorite movies

  2. Favorite recipes

  ......and more!