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  • Holidays | Joatmon Creations

    > Holidays > Mother's and Father's Day Valentine's Day Easter Halloween Thanksgiving & Fall Ornaments All Holidays Mother's and Father's Day Quick View Best Mom Ever Apron Price $15.00 Quick View Cool Moms Let You Lick The Beaters Apron Price $15.00 Quick View Must Have Cupcakes Apron Price $15.00 Quick View Dinner is Coming Apron Price $15.00 Quick View Master of the Grill Apron Price $15.00 Valentines Day New item! Quick View Heart Valentine Stanley Cup topper Price $8.00 Quick View Sign Accessories Price $2.50 Quick View Gnome for the Holidays Door Hanger Price From $20.00 Quick View Happy Everything Pillow Cover Out of stock Quick View Red Valentine Cupid and Hearts Door or Window Corner Price $12.00 St. Patrick's Day Quick View Sign Accessories Price $2.50 Quick View Happy Everything Pillow Cover Out of stock Quick View Shenanigans Gnome Mug Price $14.00 Quick View Clover in Pink & Green Reversible Headband with Cover Price $8.00 Quick View Clovers Mini Key Fob Price $5.00 Easter Quick View Sign Accessories Price $2.50 Quick View Gnome for the Holidays Door Hanger Price From $20.00 Quick View Easter Door or Window Corner Price $12.00 Quick View Paint Your Own Easter Cutouts Price $10.00 Quick View Minnie Pink Bunny and Eggs Reversible Headband with Cover Price $8.00 Halloween Quick View Sign Accessories Price $2.50 Quick View Gnome for the Holidays Door Hanger Price From $20.00 Quick View 3D Halloween Pumpkin Price $20.00 Quick View Hello Kitty Angel & Devil Reversible Headband with Cover Price $8.00 Quick View Happy Everything Pillow Cover Out of stock Thanksgiving & Fall Quick View Sign Accessories Price $2.50 Quick View Personalized Turkey Placeholder Price $8.00 Quick View Get Your Fat Pants Ready Etched Plate Out of stock Quick View Pumpkin Pie Engraved Wire Basket Price $15.00 Christmas Quick View Sign Accessories Price $2.50 Quick View Gnome for the Holidays Door Hanger Price From $20.00 Quick View Wooden Grinch Ornaments Price $10.00 Quick View Personalized Reindeer Placeholder Price $8.00 Quick View Happy Everything Pillow Cover Out of stock Ornaments Quick View USMC Marines Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Elf on the Shelf Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View New England Revolution Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View New England Patriots Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Boston Red Sox Ornament Price $9.00 Holidays New item! Quick View Heart Valentine Stanley Cup topper Price $8.00 Quick View Sign Accessories Price $2.50 Quick View Gnome for the Holidays Door Hanger Price From $20.00 Quick View Wooden Turkey Earrings Price $10.00 Quick View Wooden Grinch Ornaments Price $10.00

  • Danvers MA | Joatmon Creations

    Home > Danvers MA > Filter by Category All Apparel Decals and Magnets Fobs, Lanyards, & Pulls Hair Accessories Jewelry Kitchen & Dining Ornaments Pets Custom Creations Quick View Spirit Sash Price $15.00 Quick View Spirit Initial Price $18.00 New arrival Quick View The Danvers Mug Price $15.00 Quick View Wooden Sport Jersey Ornaments Price $10.00 Quick View Custom Etched Football Glass Price $14.00 Quick View Falconeer Gymnastics Magnet Price $6.00 Quick View Bishop Fenwick Crusaders Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Falcons Gymnastics Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Essex Stars Dance Team Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Thorpe Elementary School Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Danvers Falcons Etched Football Glass Price $12.00 Quick View Essex Tech Royals Field Hockey Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View St. John's Prep Ornament Out of stock Quick View Custom City or Town Slate Coaster Set Price $25.00 Quick View Danvers Falcons Decals Price $5.00 Quick View Danvers Falcons Football Decals Price $5.00 Quick View Danvers Falcons Lanyard Price $8.00 Quick View Danvers Falcons Wristlet Key Fob Price $8.00 Quick View Danvers Falcons Wine Stopper Out of stock Quick View Clear XL Disc Ornament for a Tassel Price $9.00

  • Sports | Joatmon Creations

    Home > Sports > Filter by Collections All Apparel Bags Decals and Magnets Fobs, Lanyards, & Pulls Hair Accessories Home Decor Kids Kitchen & Dining Jewelry Lasered Ornaments Pets Design Boston Designs Boston Bruins Boston Celtics Boston Red Sox Boston Strong Danvers, MA New England Patriots Quick View Boston Bruins Wristlet Key Fob Price $8.00 Quick View New England Patriots Throwback Pat Patriot Mug Price $14.00 Quick View New England Revolution Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View New England Patriots Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Boston Red Sox Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Boston Celtics Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Boston Bruins Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Red Sox Ponytail Holder Price $7.00 Quick View Wooden Sport Jersey Ornaments Price $10.00 Quick View Custom Etched Football Glass Price $14.00 Quick View Football Leatherette Earrings Price $8.00 Quick View Custom School Spirit Wooden Earrings Price $12.00 Quick View Boston Sports Mug Price $14.00 Quick View Custom Ornament Price $10.00 Quick View Oakland A's Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Custom Puck Ornament Price $10.00 Quick View Basketball Reversible Headband with Cover Price $8.00 Quick View Boston Strong (bright yellow) Reversible Headband with Cover Price $8.00 Quick View Footballs Reversible Headband with Cover Price $8.00 Boston Strong Boston Celtics Quick View Boston Celtics Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Boston Sports Hardboard Coaster Price $6.00 Boston Bruins Quick View Boston Bruins Wristlet Key Fob Price $8.00 Quick View New England Patriots Throwback Pat Patriot Mug Price $14.00 Boston Red Sox Quick View Boston Red Sox Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Red Sox Ponytail Holder Price $7.00 New England Patriots Quick View New England Patriots Throwback Pat Patriot Mug Price $14.00 Quick View New England Patriots Ornament Price $9.00 Boston Strong Quick View Boston Sports Hardboard Coaster Price $6.00 Quick View Boston Sports Mug Price $14.00 Quick View Boston Strong Kitchen Towel Out of stock Quick View Boston Strong Reversible Headband with Elastic (bright yellow) Price $8.00 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. Get your Boston Strong gear to show your support for the runners and our great city. I designed this ribbon upon request after the tragic events in 2013 and I was able to donate over $200 to the OneFund that year.

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Blog Posts (18)

  • Unlocking Discovery: A Creative's Guide to Making a Mark.

    Guest post by Aimee Lyons Image: Freepik Unlocking Discovery: A Creative's Guide to Making a Mark In the dynamic world of creativity, getting discovered is often a pursuit that requires equal parts passion and strategy. Whether you're a fashion designer, artist, maker, or any other kind of creative, the path to recognition can be both exhilarating and challenging. This article delves into the art of making a mark in the creative sphere, offering insights on how to get your work in front of more eyes, elevate your craft, and stand out from the crowd. Broaden Your Reach Showcasing your art on a variety of platforms can do wonders for broadening your audience. Social media platforms provide immediate and vast reach, while traditional avenues like art galleries can lend credibility and attract a different set of eyes. Online marketplaces are another effective channel for reaching a global audience interested in your niche. By diversifying the platforms where your work is displayed, you increase the odds of catching the right eyes and growing your following. Create a Home Studio Creating a multi-purpose studio in your home can serve dual functions. It enhances your workflow by providing a dedicated space for creativity, and it can add value to your property. Proper lighting, ergonomic furniture, and ample storage can make the space more functional and aesthetically pleasing, thereby improving both your creative output and home value. Showcase Your Portfolio A portfolio offers a curated look into your talents and skills. By highlighting your best work, you make it easier for potential clients and collaborators to understand your capabilities. An online portfolio is especially useful because it's easily shareable and can be updated frequently, allowing you to show off your latest projects and achievements. Craft a Distinct Brand Identity With a Logo A memorable logo goes beyond mere aesthetics; it is essentially the face of your brand, encapsulating its essence and values. Crafting a unique and compelling logo can set you apart from competitors and forge a strong brand identity. If you're working on a budget, an online logo maker can aid in this crucial process. This page deserves a look for anyone interested in making their brand unforgettable. Understand the Business Side As a creative, you might be inclined to focus more on your art than the business aspects of your career. However, understanding the basics of contracts, pricing, and negotiations can ensure that you are not only creatively satisfied but also financially secure. Business savvy can make the difference between a hobby and a full-time creative endeavor. Seek Mentorship Mentorship can be invaluable in any field, but especially in creative industries where connections and advice can open doors. Find a mentor who has experience in your creative sphere and who can provide not just valuable insights but also potential networking opportunities. A mentor can help guide your artistic and professional growth. Establish Your Online Presence Having a digital home — be it a professional website, blog, or social media account — is essential for anyone looking to make a mark. Consistency is key, and an active online presence can help you engage with your audience regularly. This engagement can result in stronger community bonds and a larger following, both of which are critical for gaining recognition. Collaborate for Creative Growth Teamwork has the power to ignite creativity and result in extraordinary projects that may have been unimaginable when working solo. Collaborating with fellow artists or creators in your field can introduce fresh perspectives and a variety of skill sets, enriching the overall creative process. The diversity in output achieved through such partnerships can be both professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling. In the world of creativity, getting discovered is a journey that demands dedication, creativity, and a strategic approach. By broadening your reach, enhancing your home workspace, developing a unique brand identity, and even designing a logo, you can carve a path to recognition. Remember, getting discovered is not just about recognition; it's about sharing your unique vision with the world. Discover a world of creative and personalized products at Joatmon Creations. Explore their wide range of apparel, bags, home decor, jewelry, stationery, and more. Aimee Lyons loves crafting, refurbishing furniture, remodeling rooms, and landscaping. She is passionate about DIY projects and sharing tips about them. Aimee runs DIYDarlin, which provides DIY project resources and tutorials.

  • Amazon Prime Day should be a national holiday.

    When you buy through my links, Joatmon Creations may earn an affiliate commission. Let me get a little housekeeping out of the way first. Hello, it's Shannon, and it has been a while. I started the year with good intentions, as I always do. Then life got in the way, as it always does. Things started off well with my focus on the goals I established. I was very careful about spending and saving, which I am still staying on top of, though a fair in April prompted me to purchase this E-Z UP Ambassador Instant Shelter Canopy that wasn't budgeted, but I couldn't find the one we already had. Luckily, we've since used it for a couple of get-togethers at the house, so I've stopped dwelling on the unplanned purchase. It was nice to get back to selling in person after an almost three-year break, and even though the business is always quiet during the summer, I am already planning ahead for the holiday markets in the fall and winter. I have a feeling my Boston Sports Mug will be a big seller at those, plus I am debating about starting a Tik Tok shop. Stay tuned! Since I am saving for a new vehicle, I have been limiting how I spend my money, except for the aforementioned fair canopy. I have been making a wish list of items that I want, and every so often I revisit it to see if it's truly something I need. Now with Amazon Prime day coming up on July 11 and 12 I have been scouring through the early deals to see what I may want to add to my list. If you don't already know, Prime Day is a 2-day event full of incredible deals and low prices across millions of products. Some deals even begin several days ahead of the actual event. Because I have come across so many great deals, I have also added a page to my website with some of my favorite Amazon finds. Not all of these are Prime Day deals, but I do have those tagged so they can be filtered. For example, I am always asked about my awesome cellphone ring holder/stand, so even though it hasn't been marked as a Prime Day deal, I still have a link for it on my page because I think it is awesome. For actual deals, I am really excited to get another FireTV stick. We cut the cord from cable a year ago and our FireTV stick has been great. Even though we have a "Smart TV", the native apps are not always reliable, but using this FireTV stick really helps have all of our streaming services in one place. I plan to pick up a couple of these to upgrade a few rooms from what we currently have. I have been listening to podcasts more and more, but my husband isn't a fan, so these Echo Buds would be perfect when we are both sitting in the same room scrolling through our phones. Lately the wifi in our house has been spotty, so this Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi system being a deal couldn't have come at a better time! I am determined to be more active this year, so new sneakers are a must. I love these ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 8 Running Shoes especially in the mako blue/pink glow! I also love my Quick Dry Hiking Pants from Baleaf. It looks like they will have some deals this week, so I plan to get a few more pairs since I practically live in them three seasons of the year. Of course, you do need to be a Prime member to snag any of these deals, but honestly it is so worth it. There are many perks that come with membership, over and above the great deals and free shipping. One of my favorites is Amazon Photos. Prime members get unlimited photo storage, 5 GB for video, and free shipping on prints! I have it set up to automatically upload my photos when I am on wifi, so I never have to worry about losing any. The best part is that even when I delete them from my phone to free up space, they don't move from Amazon Photos, unlike other mobile photo apps that back up to the cloud. Another favorite perk of Amazon Prime is Prime Video, which is a must have for some great original programming, like the brilliant Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or even live TV if you have cut the cord like we have. We are also always using Amazon Music in our house, typically playing it on our Echo and Alexa devices (which will be up to 60% off)!! We also curate special playlists according to our moods, like our Party, Firepit or Sunday morning playlists. There are so many additional perks to Amazon Prime, you need to explore them all just to see how amazing it is! So, given that I have so many products I am hoping to grab during Prime Days, you can understand why I wish it was a national holiday so I could stay home from work and just shop all day. But don't worry, I will keep checking in as I see some great deals popping up and I'll get them posted on my socials and my Affiliate page! Joatmon Creations recently became an Amazon affiliate. Products are selected by personal use (my favorites), wish list items that I would like to own, or things that I think are cool and others may enjoy. When you buy through my links, Joatmon Creations may earn an affiliate commission. More products can be found on my Amazon Affiliate Shop Page.

  • Goal Progress - February 2023

    Keeping myself on track, as I work through the plan I crafted to create financial stability. March is here, so I thought I would do a February recap and update on my goals for 2023. If you read my last post, Crafting a Plan for 2023, you know that I set several goals for this year, with the most significant ones being more financial stability and the purchase of a new vehicle (the former will definitely help drive the latter, no pun intended). I also have a lot of smaller goals for my business and home life, which are very important, but my biggest focus during these first months has definitely been the finances. So, here is my journey so far, two months into the year. Updates to my vision board To help me reach my goals and stay focused for the year, I created a vision board which I keep in my planner. This is a living document, which can be adjusted as necessary, so this morning I did a check to see if I was staying on track with each area of focus. Overall I am doing well. Adding new goals I did add a goal of “5 household projects”, which doesn’t seem like much in a year, but we tend to be lazy when we have no plans on the calendar so this will force me to tackle some things that we keep putting off. Since we both work 40 hours a week, not including the time I spend on my hobby business, Joatmon Creations, it is definitely nice to just sit on the couch binge watching tv, but I hate that Sunday night feeling that the weekend went by without accomplishing anything. Hopefully seeing this on my vision board will push me to get things done. Another added goal was striving for a better morning routine. Right now, I wake up between 5:45 and 6 am, but I still struggle getting into the office by 8 am (which is less than ten minutes away)! I never had a problem with this before I started working from home during the pandemic, but now that I am back to the office, I forget how to budget my time in the morning. I find myself doing the most random things around the house, or working on a design that needs processing when I get home, and I just don’t want to stop to get ready. There actually once was a time that I woke up at 4:45 in the morning to walk on the treadmill for an hour before work. Those days are long gone, but I’ll be happy with just getting in the shower before 7:45! Updated goals for my craft business I had given myself a lofty sales goal for 2023, partly because I knew the three-year renewal for my website was coming up, which is a significant expense, but mostly because I don't usually budget expenses for the business since it is just a hobby. Although I do include the cost of supplies within the final price of a product, I almost always buy supplies in multiples. This is to have backups in case something doesn't work out, or it sometimes is more cost-effective to buy several items based on the shipping rates. So, normally I pay more in total supplies than what I will actually get in revenue, which may result in charging my purchases and that is against my goals for this year. Although the yearly sales goal was on my vision board, I failed to update my financial spreadsheet with the projected monthly revenue needed to reach that goal. Although my sales ebb and flow based on the season, I decided to split that yearly goal evenly into 26 mini goals (my financial spreadsheet is set up biweekly) and if I don't hit the target for that month, I will just roll it over to the next one. This will be daunting during the slower times, but I am fairly confident I can reach the snowballed amount during those peak seasons, especially if I do some in person markets this year. Having that yearly goal on my vision board helped me realize I needed to do some better financial planning for the business so it would be fiscally beneficial to me on top of just something I enjoy doing. Financial Changes I want to start by stressing that I am not a financial expert. I have only consulted with a financial advisor, for one hour, once in my life and everything I am about to share below is just based on me getting bits and pieces of information off the interwebz or (gasp) TikTok. This is what is working for me, so far, so maybe you can take a few ideas and tailor them to your own needs. However, some of these things may have no basis in fact at all and could end up not helping in the long run, but so far this is what I am doing. Low Spending One goal toward my financial stability was to have a minimum of 21 No Spend Days in the month. My definition of a "no spend day" is to not spend money on anything that was not budgeted for in that pay period. This could be take-out, shopping, donations, just anything that I didn't plan for that may be considered a spur of the moment purchase. This does not include business purchases, purchases with gift cards, or take-out paid for by someone else. If my husband has a craving for Chinese food, and he is paying, then I am all for it! Otherwise I am cooking almost every night to make sure I don't spend extra money and what I spend on groceries doesn't go to waste. After several "No Spend Day" stickers in my January planner it became an obsession to see how many I could add. I ended January with 22 no spend days out of 31. In February I had 21 out of 28. I also started writing down where the money went on the days that I did spend. This made me really justify all of my purchases to see if it was worth the risk of not getting a sticker. Now this did cause an issue when I finally went to Walmart because I definitely binged. However ultimately when I reviewed what I bought, it was mostly stuff that I needed. I was very good about waiting on things I didn't really need in the moment, but I did get things that had ran out or needed to be replaced. There was a bit of guilt after that shopping trip, so I am trying to figure out how to avoid buyer's remorse in the future. For March, I am starting a wish list for things I want and instead of buying them in the moment, I'll wait five days if possible. Then I'll review the list to see if it is something I still want and if it can wait until I get some extra money saved or if I can use the money allotted for "miscellaneous" in my budget for that pay period. A big impulse purchase in February that has caused some guilt was a subscription to the streaming service HBO Max. We had been wanting to watch the series "The Last of Us", so I made the quick decision to subscribe, and instead of going on $14.99/month plan, I paid $149.99 for the year which would be cheaper in the long run. The downside is that I didn't account for this $149.99 in neither my personal nor our joint budget for this week. I ended up splitting it between both accounts and I haven't stopped thinking of what a rash decision it was, even if we do enjoy the show. Maybe I should have just subscribed month-to-month, but I think the savings is something like $30 for the year, and there seem to be a lot of good shows on this service, so I do see us keeping it for a while. So much for guilt-free tv.- Credit Card Consolidation My primary focus for February and the next several months will be knocking down my credit card debt. I have always been one to buy whatever I wanted in the moment and credit cards were ideal for that. I know it is a terrible habit and I've been down this road many times before, but I never seem to learn. At my age, I should be much more fiscally responsible than I am. Two years ago, I got everything paid down, but then I increased the balances again with the purchase of the new laser engraver for my business and some big car repairs that were unexpected, and everything escalated from there. Currently I have three major credit cards which are all reward cards. I have one that earns Marriott reward points, so we use that one for our vacation expenses. I am thinking about rewarding ourselves with an overnight stay somewhere to use those reward points, but I need to come up with a good milestone to celebrate. The second reward card I have is for Costco, which gives us a reward certificate once a year that can be used at the warehouse. This works out well since we have a lot of summer parties, so that certificate will be used as soon as we shop for the first one. My third, and primary card, is an Amazon Visa. Purchases on this card earn points that can be redeemed on Amazon, but only if you have selected the Amazon Visa as the backup payment method for purchases exceeding the reward points applied. As a part of my financial stability plan, I am only purchasing from Amazon using my debit or gift cards, so I was happy to find out that any rewards I currently have can be redeemed for cash back, so they won't go to waste if I am not charging to that card anymore. In addition to the three major cards, I also have a few store cards that I use infrequently, such as Kohls, Old Navy and Best Buy. I don't usually put a lot on these, and when I do have a balance, I try to pay them off completely within one or two months. Store cards seem to have significantly higher interest rates, in my experience, and with a smaller balance they are easier to pay off in full. The Best Buy card was opened when I got my son a significant electronics gift and they were offering 0% interest for 12 or 18 months. I paid more than the minimum balance each month and I was paid off within the promotional period before the interest rate kicked in. I have had other store cards in the past, but I typically stopped using them for a long enough period that the store closed them on me. I do not like to close accounts myself because that has a negative effect on your credit score. In the future I need to stop falling for the promotions they offer to get a new card and just stick with the ones I have. Going into February I only had balances on my three major reward cards, so the plan was to pay off the Marriot and Costco cards completely since they had lower balances and higher interest rates than the Amazon card. My first step was to transfer the Costco balance to the Amazon card because, although I would incur a 3% fee for doing it, the transferred balance would have 0% interest going forward for the next 12 months. I couldn't transfer the Marriott card because it was held by the same bank as the Amazon card and they won't let you consolidate those together. Stock sale Next, I sold some stock I purchased through my company's employee stock purchase program. I realize this is not something everyone participates in, but it is definitely something I use when I want to pay off a high balance like this. The way the ESPP works, is every paycheck I have a small percentage taken out before taxes and put into the ESPP account without me even seeing it. Then every 3 months, the company uses the balance in that account to buy company stock for me at a discounted price. There are rules around when I can sell shares, so I typically wait until I have enough eligible shares to make a significant dent in my debt. Sometimes the sale is considered a loss because I am selling it at a lower price than what it was purchased at, but since I literally never have possession of this money, it doesn't feel like I've lost anything. Making this sale at the beginning of February allowed me to pay the balance of the Marriott card and apply the rest to Amazon. Now I only have one balance that I am carrying. Dual payments My financial spreadsheet/budget is set up biweekly since this is how I am paid. Every two weeks shows the bills that need to be paid from that check, gifts that I need to buy, pre-planned nights out and anything else that know is coming up in that period. In addition, I include $60 for gas, $15 for my Dunkin Donuts app auto-replenish, and $100 for miscellaneous. Since I don't drive too far for work, gas doesn't typically cost me that much, so whatever I don't use will be rolled into Miscellaneous. Same thing if I don't end up needing to replenish the Dunks app. At the end of the two weeks, if there is anything left in miscellaneous, I put another payment on the credit card. For March, I have everything budgeted out so I will be able to make two significant payments 15 days before, and then within the week of the statement closing. Closing out February I'm very pleased how February played out. By planning really well and sticking to the spreadsheet and the no spend days, I was able to be comfortable and not touch my savings or use my credit card except for the trip to Walmart (and that was only because my debit card expired, and I didn't have the new one with me). If you have stuck through this whole post, I really appreciate it. Writing about my journey is actually helping me stay accountable, especially knowing there may be people out there that are following along and perhaps getting some ideas of their own. If you have any tips to share with me that will make me more successful, I'd love to hear them. Now that all this visioning, goal setting, and money talk is done, it is time to get back to my designing!

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