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    Handcrafted Accessories, Home Decor, Novelties, and Gifts Start Shopping About Us Quote of the Week Previous Quotes of the Week Shop Categories All Items Apparel Bags Cloth Masks Decals & Magnets Fobs, Lanyards & Pulls Hair Accessories Home Decor Jewelry Kids Kitchen & Dining Miscellaneous Ornaments Pets Stationery Featured Items Mother's Day! Quick View "Mommy's Sippy Cup" Wine Tumbler Price $10.00 Quick View Boston Strong Kitchen Towel Price $8.00 Quick View Boston Strong Reversible Headband with Elastic (bright yellow) Price $8.00 Creativity and the Cluttered Mind One Year Later..... Write a comment Spread a Little Sunshine! Write a comment How to Crack an Egg Write a comment More Blog Posts Join the Joatmon Creations Acts of Kindness Challenge Egg Art

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    Egg Art Gallery DSC00924 DSC00918 Real goose eggs are transformed into bassinets, horse-drawn carriages, flower baskets and jewelry boxes. These eggs have a special place in my heart because I learned this art from my grandfather. For years he handcrafted goose and ostrich eggs into the most wonderful creations, such as beautiful music boxes and spectacular wind-up clocks. When he began to lose his eyesight to advanced macular degeneration, he handed all of his supplies down to me. I took an instant love to following in his footsteps. I've never come remotely close to the remarkable creations that he produced, but here are some of my favorite eggs I've made. Most are not for sale, as they take a lot of time and love, but on occasion I will make one upon request since they make for unique handcrafted gifts. ​ ​ ​ The Seascape This one holds a very special place in my heart. When I was younger Norno and Gram used to go to Florida each winter for several months. While they were there, they would spend their days walking along the beach and picking up seashells. Their basement was filled with thousands of seashells, all carefully organized into jars, which Norno would use to embellish beautiful mirrors. In May of 2003 Gram was sadly stricken down by a stroke. She could not communicate in any way and it was so hard to watch her deteriorate like that. It was too much for Norno to bear and in September of that same year he died of a broken heart. That's when I picked up the eggs again. Within two days I completed this "Seascape" egg and I brought it to Gram at the nursing home. She would not let go of it. She couldn't say anything; She could hardly move. But she held onto this egg and showed it to everyone that walked by. Both of us knew the significance of this creation. It represented so many special things about her and Norno. She passed away in March of 2004. ​ I still look at this egg and remember how proudly she held it in her hands. It always brings me closer to my beloved grandparents.

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    Just for Fun It is not always about my handmade items. I love to watch tv or movies, especially being home a lot more now. I also enjoy reading before bed when I am not scrolling through Tik Tok, my latest time suck! What I'm Watching As many, I spent a lot of time during the pandemic in front of the tv. I find myself binge watching old shows that I never caught during their first run, but it has also been great to find some new original programming on Netflix and Prime. Just recently signed up for Hulu as well, but so far have not watched anything. ​ Have any suggestions for what I should watch next? Send them along ! below What I'm Reading Several years ago I began the Reading Challenge hosted by Goodreads and sometimes I surprised myself with how many books I had read by December. Some years I didn't do as well...especially last year. I am hoping that 2021 allows me a little extra time to settle down with a good book, especially at bedtime. ​ Currently I am reading two career related books for groups I am involved in at work. I expect to be joining a third book club at the office soon, so I am excited to start their selection, The Savvy Ally. ​ For leisure books, I do enjoy a good suspense thriller. I also like books set in quaint towns, almost like a Hallmark movie on paper, but I tend to get tired of reading too many romance novels in a row. Occasionally I will grab a celebrity biography that catches my eye. Please send along any suggestions you have for books to add to my shelves using the form . below Keep checking back.... I will be adding favorite movies soon! TV, Movie, or Book suggestions Name Email Submit Thanks for your recommendation! Please leave this field empty.

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  • One Year Later.....

    One year ago, on March 17, 2020, I went into the office knowing it would be my last day there for a little awhile. We had been discussing the Coronavirus pandemic for a few weeks, updating our emergency plan, following state guidelines, and now finally being told that office personnel should work from home until further notice. As a medical device manufacturer, we still had essential personnel on-site because our cardiovascular (and other) devices would still be needed, but most of the support staff would be able to do our jobs remotely. I worked most of that morning trying to clean up loose ends, meeting in person with people for the last time, and then around noon I packed up my laptop, extra monitor, a few files and a notebook, so I could head home in time to do my first remote conference call that afternoon. I remember looking back at my desk feeling like it was one of those situations where decades later someone will come in and see the office completely abandoned, as if the occupants ran out in a hurry and never looked back. I actually felt like I was about to walk away and never return. I realize how silly that was since we assumed it was only going to be for a few weeks. Boy, was I wrong! As I mentioned, leading up to this day our senior leadership spent weeks preparing for what could happen. Our state had already announced the kids would be home from school until March 20th, then that kept getting pushed out. Our office assumed we would be working from home for maybe three weeks (this was a mandate from the corporate office, so no one knew exactly when they would give the guidance to return). Looking back at my old emails, I saw all of my responses said "since I will be (temporarily) working from home, we will be doing this over video call..." Eventually over time I started removing the "temporary". When I got home that day, I set myself up on the couch, reclined with an extra large lap desk on my legs, and my laptop and extra monitor propped on top. I did my first conference call without a headset so my husband sat on the other side of the sectional watching tv on mute. Three hours, and two aching legs later, I realized this was not an ideal set up. I eventually moved to the dining room table. I took that over for weeks and once my son started up remote schooling, I forced him to sit across from me so I could watch him do his work (all independent assignments at this time), while I did mine. As a feisty 6th grade boy, he took advantage of those times I was preoccupied on calls and would announce "all done!" then close his Chromebook and run upstairs to his Xbox, while I couldn't protest or chase after him for fear of missing something important on my call. It was very stressful, but I kept telling myself it was going to get better once he got into a routine. Yup, wrong again! One year later and I am counting down the days until he goes back to school in person full-time (2 more weeks to go)! It has not been easy for working parents that are trying to oversee schoolwork as well. As for my own work, I have adjusted very well to working from home. Eventually I moved my workspace from the dining room table to a desk in the upstairs hallway, although video calls can be a little more challenging with the bathroom door as my background (that only proved to be a really bad idea once). I have been more productive and not as distracted as I feared I would be. It has actually been hard to separate work and home time, since it is pretty easy to jump on the laptop as I walk by my desk in the hallway. I was supposed to take some "use or lose" time off last week, but since I had no place to go, I ended up logging on anyway and working a full day. I have been in the office about a dozen times over the year and it's nice to see my co-workers, but it is definitely an eerie feeling when I am the only person in my area and there isn't the buzz of phone conversations or meetings. Everything was just as I left it, but there wasn't a thick layer of dust and debris as I had imagined there would be. No indication of a mass exodus, just an odd sense of calm. I am not ready to go back to the office full time just yet, but it will be nice to get back to normal eventually. How can a lot change in a year, yet not much change at all? When I am back on site full time again will it feel like we have all woken up from a long sleep? I actually fear it may take me longer to readjust to the place I spent every weekday for 11 years than it did to adjust to the last 365 days at home..... And I probably should have taken my plant with me a year ago......

  • Spread a Little Sunshine!

    Tomorrow, March 17, 2021, will mark one year since I left my office and started working from home full time ("temporarily"). There is so much to process about that, and I will probably post a follow up tomorrow, but for now I am looking at the sun pouring in my window and I am reminded of that first week at home. I suddenly found myself on more conference calls in a day than I ever had been before. I support our senior leadership and with the uncharted territory of the pandemic came many, many more meetings to discuss how to move forward. Added to these back-to-back-to-back calls was the "home schooling" for a reluctant middle schooler and you can imagine that the stress was adding up quickly. That is when I started stealing away between meetings to go outside and lay on the ground where the sun hit just right over the house. It was still chilly in Boston since it was March, but there was a little beam of light that would shine down on the steps, and it was a perfect place to just lay down and soak it in. I was literally solar powering my body. In that short amount of time my mind would wander all over the place. I would get some great ideas of things I wanted to make or ways to organize the rest of my day. Somehow that small beam of sunshine jumpstarted my creative juices and helped me get through the next few hours until I could get back into the craft room. Sadly, over time my break was spent doing other things around the house. Emptying the dishwasher, sewing masks during the PPE crisis, prepping dinner. There were many things that pulled me away from that quick ten minute sunshine break. I did try to work outside during the summer, but that lasted about 20 minutes before it got too distracting. When winter came I found it really hard to leave the comfort of my hallway-turned-office. I definitely found myself in a bit of a funk. Other than redesigning my website, in January, I haven't done anything fun or creative over the last few months. Coffee was the only way to get myself perked up to face the day. Now a year later I sit here, on my fourth call of the day, and I am staring at the sunshine beaming in my window. I know it is still cold out there, but I am drawn to that beam and I am counting down the minutes until I can go outside to try and catch it. I need the vitamin D, I need the warmth, I need to get my mind moving. It's time to get out of this funk and start feeling normal again. Whatever that may feel like....

  • How to Crack an Egg

    I love finding little tips and tricks that make things easier around the house or in my crafting. Even things that seem so simple and obvious, sometimes don't always occur to me, so when I try something new that has helped me, I want to share it. I'm hoping to post a "Tuesday Tip" each week and maybe some of these will be new and helpful to you, as well. Today's is a really simple change, but it has made things a lot easier for me in the kitchen. I grew up watching my mom crack eggs with ease against the rim of her mixing bowl, then I would watch as she tried to fish out any small pieces of shell that may have slid in the mix. It always seemed inevitable (and frustrating), until I recently saw this tip. The old way: Next time you crack an egg, don't use the rim, but instead tap the egg against the inside of the bowl. Just a little bit of a quick tap on the flat part of the bowl below the rim will crack it open, but rarely send the broken pieces into the mix with the egg. Look no shell!!! An additional benefit - there won't be any egg running down the outside of the bowl, like would sometimes happen when cracking it on the rim. If some pieces do end up in the bowl, the other trick I learned is to use a larger piece of the shell to fish it out. Somehow it just works! Hopefully this tip helps someone out there! If it does, drop a comment down below.

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