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Amazon Prime Day should be a national holiday.

When you buy through my links, Joatmon Creations may earn an affiliate commission.

Let me get a little housekeeping out of the way first. Hello, it's Shannon, and it has been a while.

I started the year with good intentions, as I always do. Then life got in the way, as it always does. Things started off well with my focus on the goals I established. I was very careful about spending and saving, which I am still staying on top of, though a fair in April prompted me to purchase this E-Z UP Ambassador Instant Shelter Canopy that wasn't budgeted, but I couldn't find the one we already had. Luckily, we've since used it for a couple of get-togethers at the house, so I've stopped dwelling on the unplanned purchase. It was nice to get back to selling in person after an almost

three-year break, and even though the business is always quiet during the summer, I am already planning ahead for the holiday markets in the fall and winter. I have a feeling my Boston Sports Mug will be a big seller at those, plus I am debating about starting a Tik Tok shop. Stay tuned!

Since I am saving for a new vehicle, I have been limiting how I spend my money, except for the aforementioned fair canopy. I have been making a wish list of items that I want, and every so often I revisit it to see if it's truly something I need. Now with Amazon Prime day coming up on July 11 and 12 I have been scouring through the early deals to see what I may want to add to my list.

If you don't already know, Prime Day is a 2-day event full of incredible deals and low prices across millions of products. Some deals even begin several days ahead of the actual event.

Because I have come across so many great deals, I have also added a page to my website with some of my favorite Amazon finds. Not all of these are Prime Day deals, but I do have those tagged so they can be filtered. For example, I am always asked about my awesome cellphone ring holder/stand, so even though it hasn't been marked as a Prime Day deal, I still have a link for it on my page because I think it is awesome.

For actual deals, I am really excited to get another FireTV stick. We cut the cord from cable a year ago and our FireTV stick has been great. Even though we have a "Smart TV", the native apps are not always reliable, but using this FireTV stick really helps have all of our streaming services in one place. I plan to pick up a couple of these to upgrade a few rooms from what we currently have.

I have been listening to podcasts more and more, but my husband isn't a fan, so these Echo Buds would be perfect when we are both sitting in the same room scrolling through our phones.

Lately the wifi in our house has been spotty, so this Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi system being a deal couldn't have come at a better time!

I am determined to be more active this year, so new sneakers are a must. I love these ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 8 Running Shoes especially in the mako blue/pink glow! I also love my Quick Dry Hiking Pants from Baleaf. It looks like they will have some deals this week, so I plan to get a few more pairs since I practically live in them three seasons of the year.

Of course, you do need to be a Prime member to snag any of these deals, but honestly it is so worth it. There are many perks that come with membership, over and above the great deals and free shipping. One of my favorites is Amazon Photos. Prime members get unlimited

photo storage, 5 GB for video, and free shipping on prints! I have it set up to automatically upload my photos when I am on wifi, so I never have to worry about losing any. The best part is that even when I delete them from my phone to free up space, they don't move from Amazon Photos, unlike other mobile photo apps that back up to the cloud.

Another favorite perk of Amazon Prime is Prime Video, which is a must have for some great original programming, like the brilliant Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or even live TV if you have cut the cord like we have. We are also always using Amazon Music in our house, typically playing it on our Echo and Alexa devices (which will be up to 60% off)!! We also curate special playlists according to our moods, like our Party, Firepit or Sunday morning playlists.

There are so many additional perks to Amazon Prime, you need to explore them all just to see how amazing it is!

So, given that I have so many products I am hoping to grab during Prime Days, you can understand why I wish it was a national holiday so I could stay home from work and just shop all day. But don't worry, I will keep checking in as I see some great deals popping up and I'll get them posted on my socials and my Affiliate page!

Joatmon Creations recently became an Amazon affiliate. Products are selected by personal use (my favorites), wish list items that I would like to own, or things that I think are cool and others may enjoy. When you buy through my links, Joatmon Creations may earn an affiliate commission. More products can be found on my Amazon Affiliate Shop Page.

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