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Care and Application Guides

Handmade items require special care to ensure they last.

Illustration of a mug with care instructions.


Care for all drinkware with vinyl designs.  This includes wine glasses, beer mugs, coffee mugs, etc.  

Hand wash only, do not soak.  

Not dishwasher or microwave safe.  

This does not apply to glassware that is etched or sublimated.  Etched and sublimated drinkware can be put in the microwave and run on a normal wash cycle (high heat or sterilizing cycle not recommended for sublimated infusible ink).


Care for all apparel items with vinyl designs, including shirts and aprons.  Wash in cold water, inside out (if possible).  No bleach or softeners. Line dry or tumble dry on low heat. Do not iron or dry clean.

Illustration of a shirt with care instructions.
Illustration depicting how to apply a vinyl decal.

Vinyl Decals

  • Clean glass surface with rubbing alcohol. Allow time to dry. 

  • Gently peel clear transfer tape away from paper backing, ensuring entire design stays on transfer tape.  If the design does not adhere to the clear transfer tape, lay the design face-down on a table and carefully peel back the paper backing while applying pressure to ensure the design stays on the transfer tape.

  • Place one edge of the transfer tape against the surface.  Using a flat edge (such as a credit card) rub transfer tape slowly to apply decal and reduce air bubbles.

  • Slowly peel away transfer tape at a 45 angle.  Ensure small details, such as “I” dots and letter centers, are adhered.

  • If applying to drinkware, hand washing is recommended. 

Video instructions: 

Vinyl Decals
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