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How to Crack an Egg

I love finding little tips and tricks that make things easier around the house or in my crafting. Even things that seem so simple and obvious, sometimes don't always occur to me, so when I try something new that has helped me, I want to share it. I'm hoping to post a "Tuesday Tip" each week and maybe some of these will be new and helpful to you, as well.

Today's is a really simple change, but it has made things a lot easier for me in the kitchen. I grew up watching my mom crack eggs with ease against the rim of her mixing bowl, then I would watch as she tried to fish out any small pieces of shell that may have slid in the mix. It always seemed inevitable (and frustrating), until I recently saw this tip.

The old way:

Next time you crack an egg, don't use the rim, but instead tap the egg against the inside of the bowl. Just a little bit of a quick tap on the flat part of the bowl below the rim will crack it open, but rarely send the broken pieces into the mix with the egg.

Look no shell!!!

An additional benefit - there won't be any egg running down the outside of the bowl, like would sometimes happen when cracking it on the rim.

If some pieces do end up in the bowl, the other trick I learned is to use a larger piece of the shell to fish it out. Somehow it just works!

Hopefully this tip helps someone out there! If it does, drop a comment down below.

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