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Egg Art

Real goose eggs are transformed into bassinets, horse-drawn carriages, flower baskets and jewelry boxes.  These are for display only, not for sale, except for my Harry Potter Goose Egg located on the Miscellaneous Products page.


These eggs have such a special place in my heart because I learned how to make them from my grandfather (my "Norno").  For years he crafted goose and ostrich eggs into the most wonderful creations, including a spectacular wind-up clock.  
When he could no longer see very well due to advanced macular degeneration, he handed all of his supplies down to me and I took an instant liking -- a loving -- to following in his footsteps. I've never come remotely close to the remarkable creations that he produced, but here are some of my favorite eggs I've made. 

They start like this:

Plain Goose Egg Ready to be transformed


And they are transformed into these:




  This one holds a very special place in my heart.  When I was younger Norno and Gram used to go to Florida each winter for several months.  While they were there, they would spend their days walking along the beach and picking up seashells.  Their basement was filled with thousands of seashells, all carefully organized into jars, which Norno would use to embellish beautiful mirrors.  

In May of 2003 Gram was sadly stricken down by a stroke.  She could not communicate in any way and it was so hard to watch her deteriorate like that. 
It was too much for Norno to bear and in September of that same year he died of a broken heart.  
That's when I picked up the eggs again.
Within two days I completed this "Seascape" egg and I brought it to Gram at the nursing home.  She would not let go of it.  She couldn't say anything; She could hardly move. But she held onto this egg and showed it to everyone that walked by.  Both of us knew the significance of this creation.  It represented so many special things about her and Norno.  
She passed away in March of 2004.  
I still look at this egg and remember how proudly she held it in her hands.