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Make me your one-stop shop for all of your gifts or fun handcrafted things for yourself!  Key fobs, lanyards, hair accessories, dog accessories, decals, ornaments, glassware, towels, grocery totes, handbags, sea glass pendants, wedding bibs, stationery, candleariums, and MORE!

Note: every item in my shop is handmade by me, therefore some may vary slightly from their pictures. 

Most orders are processed within 3 - 5 days.  To guarantee delivery by Christmas they must be shipped by December 15th.

Please plan accordingly

Upcoming December Events

Saturday December 7th at the Danvers YMCA in Danvers, MA 

Saturday December 14th & Sunday December 15th at Riverwalk Brewing in Newburyport, MA


Most of my pendants are made from sea glass found on local Massachusetts beaches and are completely unaltered, creating a beautiful pendant straight from the water's edge.  

Other pieces of glass were plucked from the sand and may need a little enhancing to smooth down the rough edges and intensify the frost a using a tumbler. For rarer colors, the pendants may be completely man-made by tumbling bottles.  

Each pendant will specify whether it is Unaltered Sea Glass (completely natural), Tumbled Sea Glass (cultured more after found), or Tumbled Glass (man-made).  

Amber Sea Glass Pendant with Heart
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$17.00Out of Stock
Clear Sea Glass Single Swirl Pendant
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Cobalt Blue Triangular Sea Glass Pendant
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$10.00Out of Stock
Light Green Triangular Sea Glass Pendant
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Light Green Vertical Sea Glass Pendant
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Purple "Ledge" Sea Glass Pendant with Butterfly
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$18.00-$21.00Out of Stock